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A Foundation, a family!

After being diagnosed with prostate cancer, I was told I would need to undergo 34 rounds of radiotherapy. However, I lived not far from Drummondville, and my healthcare facility was in Sherbrooke. To avoid the constant trips to and from the facility, which would likely prove both costly and energy-depleting, a loved one suggested that I turn to the Quebec Cancer Foundation’s Hôtellerie service. After giving it some thought, I decided to stay at the Hôtellerie for the entire duration of my therapy. I spent a bit more than a month there, and can only rave about the service I received. Not to mention the friends I made, with whom I am still in contact. Everyone - staff members and patients alike - were wonderful! We developed incredibly special bonds and I still stop by and visit them today!

Massage therapy: a balm for the body and spirit

I was able to benefit from massage therapy during my stay at the Hôtellerie. As all cancer patients know, the illness brings its fair share of stress, a stress that was alleviated by the peace and relaxation I was able to achieve during massage sessions.

Giving back

During my stay at the Hôtellerie in Sherbrooke, I had the opportunity to help staff prepare for Cancerto 2020, a fundraiser organized by the Foundation to pay tribute to people with cancer. This experience is what made me want to become increasingly involved with the organization. Imagine my excitement when I was asked to take on the role of honorary sponsor for the 2021 event!! I’m extremely proud to support the Foundation and to speak of my experience with cancer as a way to raise awareness and encourage still more people to give generously.
To all Québecers who are currently fighting cancer, reach out to the Foundation and ask about its unique services. Not only are they affordable, but you’ll feel incredibly welcomed and supported.

Yvon Langlois

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