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You have just been diagnosed with cancer? One of your loved one is suffering? We are here for you! Whether you need advice, reasonably priced accommodation near your treatment centre, questions answered or you need to talk or to unwind and just take care of yourself, we can help.

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Supporting Quebecers who today are dealing with cancer, that’s what you accomplish when you support us. Every gift, every act makes a real difference for the women and men in our communities who are going through a difficult trial. Your help will bring strength and encouragement to so many!

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100 new reinforcements needed: join our Backup Force!

30 March 2020 - News

You don’t need to make a huge donation for it to have an impact on the lives of many people.

The coronavirus has invaded our lives

16 March 2020 - News

In the space of a few weeks, the coronavirus has literally made its way into our lives, hitting thousands of people hard and shaking up whole sections of our society.

The Quebec Cancer Foundation wins its wager to double its network with the opening of a 6th Lodge in Quebec City

09 March 2020 - News

The Quebec Cancer Foundation, which already has the largest accommodation network in the province for people with cancer and their loved ones, is proud to announce that it is expanding its network in January 2021, with the opening of a sixth lodge in Quebec City. Readmore

Merck Canada "twinned" with the Quebec Cancer Foundation

25 February 2020 - News

Providing support to people affected by cancer at every stage of the disease: that is the very soul of our mission at the Quebec Cancer Foundation. Readmore

Financial Target 2020: the Quebec Cancer Foundation vows to raise $6.5 million for cancer patients and their loved ones

10 February 2020 - News

At the Quebec Cancer Foundation, 2019 was a year marked by innovation on behalf of people affected by the disease.

A concrete contribution to World Cancer Day: the Quebec Cancer Foundation gets closer to Montérégie

04 February 2020 - News

Today is World Cancer Day, which is dedicated to raising awareness among people and governments around the world to inspire them to take concrete action against cancer.
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