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Marie-Ève Côté

Learning that you have cancer is always a difficult experience. Learning, at the age of 35, that you have diffuse large B-cell lymphoma of the colon, just a few months after celebrating your child’s second birthday, well that just doesn’t seem right!
With my head held high and my fists in the air, I tackled my chemotherapy. Other than the tremendous fatigue, I tolerated the new medication well. Between cycles, however, I needed to be hospitalized. My nickname in oncology and in the different specialties was “atypical.”
Fortunately, I had great doctors, caring nurses and an accessible psychologist. I had plenty of love and support from my husband and my family. But I still had a really hard time managing the anxiety I had because of the disease.
Then, one day, someone suggested the massage therapy offered at the Quebec Cancer Foundation. It was more than affordable and the massage therapists were specially trained to treat people with cancer. This reassured me, so I went for it! I found a place where I could just let go. Finally, I had an opportunity and a way to relax. The massage therapists were friendly and always greeted me with a smile. They were competent, attentive, caring, and they listened well, too. Plus, they were very familiar with the reality of people with cancer, so they were able to give me support and recommend other resources available at the Foundation. I got more than just a massage and I’ll always be grateful to them for that!
If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, I strongly encourage you to take advantage of the massage therapy service offered at the Foundation. It’s really wonderful!
Marie-Ève Côté

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