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Marie-Claire Ménard

When I started volunteering at the Quebec Cancer Foundation in Estrie, it was a bit by chance. Just over 10 years ago, an ad in the local newspaper caught my attention. It was an invitation to a spaghetti dinner to celebrate the end of a person’s cancer treatments. I was drawn to this event even though I didn’t know the person. I wanted to offer my support and join the celebration with four of my friends. My parents and I had been touched by cancer, so I knew full well what the event meant.
At the dinner, I met the volunteer coordinator of the Estrie Regional Centre and Lodge. That’s how I discovered everything the Foundation does to ease the lives of people with cancer. I wanted to get involved to make a positive contribution for people going through hard times.
I started with the Nutri-Sac campaign. In addition to working on fundraising, I also became a volunteer at the reception desk of the Regional Centre. Every Tuesday, I welcome the new residents arriving at the Lodge. My job is to make them feel at home and give them a tour of the premises. I also enjoy having lunch at the hospital cafeteria with residents. Sharing a meal is always relaxing and leads to deeper conversations. I get to share very special moments with people going through a difficult period in their lives.
What I like most about volunteering at the Foundation every week is the contact with others. I have fun with them and I really enjoy making them laugh. If only you could see how humour can quiet a racing mind or ease tension!
This month, my involvement with the Foundation will take on a new form. I will now be available in the common areas to lend an ear to our residents in order to bring them support and compassion. I can’t wait to meet with them and share my positive energy. I know that my presence will help, but what they don’t know is that they’ll be doing me a world of good as well!
If you too would like to join the Quebec Cancer Foundation as a volunteer, click here.

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