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Lise Beaulieu

Pay It Forward

I was diagnosed in December 2008 and started my treatments by February 2009. That’s when I discovered the Quebec Cancer Foundation and found my second family.
Since I lived more than 100 km from the hospital in Trois-Rivières, I had to find affordable accommodation nearby so I could attend my weekly radiation sessions and focus all my energy on my recovery, not on logistics.
I stayed there for a month. During that time, which was far from easy since I was undergoing treatment without my family, I met exceptional people. The staff was always very friendly and responsive to my needs. They took care of me like a family member would, with so much love and sincerity. And when I took part in the activities being offered, I was even able to forget I was sick.
When I went back home, I missed all those wonderful people. I had one wish: to continue spending time with them. That’s why I decided to get involved.

When paying it forward feels like a must 

A lot of people have cancer and many feel overwhelmed when faced with such an ordeal. This is why it became crucial for me to spread the word about the Quebec Cancer Foundation. It also seemed really important to pay it forward. I did that by getting involved in fundraising, so that others could also take advantage of the various services offered.
In fall 2009, I started working as a volunteer for the Foundation’s general public campaign. That year, we raised $3,000 by selling packages of nuts. In 2015, thanks to the commitment and generosity of many people, we raised $7,800 in only two days. I am lucky to have the support of a solid network of loyal volunteers who have helped me over the years.
It’s unbelievable how good it feels to help others and encourage someone to come to the Quebec Cancer Foundation. For me, there’s no better medicine than helping others, comforting them and letting them know the support they will need is available from the Foundation.
When I think about all of this, I say to myself, “Mission accomplished!”

Lise Beaulieu

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