Pilgrims raise $40,000 in support of people with cancer 

Montreal, October 3rd, 2016 – From September 10 to September 23, 2016, a group of fifteen Quebecers took on the challenge of Compostelle en tandem in behalf of the Quebec Cancer Foundation. They walked a distance of 100 to 200 km along the legendary Compostelle route to pay tribute to the courage of someone with cancer, celebrate their own victory over the disease or honour the memory of a loved one. Their solidarity and perseverance raised more than $40,000, which will used to provide practical support to thousands of people living with cancer every year.
“When you do Compostelle, you have to be willing to push yourself, because the journey comes with its share of physical and psychological challenges. But with Compostelle en tandem, you’re also energized by the thought of helping all those people with cancer better cope with the disease. With their hearts full of compassion, pilgrims left behind messages written by people with cancer who use the services of the Foundation. It was very moving for the entire group,” said Corinne Lorman, Director of the Foundation’s Outaouais Regional Centre and Lodge and guide for the group.

About Compostelle en tandem

Compostelle en tandem is a charitable trip organized by the Quebec Cancer Foundation every year. It brings together a group of pilgrims who take on the personal challenge of walking along the legendary route while raising money in support of people with cancer and their loved ones.
Since 2010, pilgrims from all walks of life have raised over $600,000 through their involvement in the initiative. Some do it as an act of self-transcendence in support of a good cause; others do it to mark their own victory over cancer or to honour someone whose life has been affected the disease.

About the Quebec Cancer Foundation

For over 35 years now, the Quebec Cancer Foundation has been the leading organization dedicated to helping people cope with cancer, a disease that strikes nearly one in two Quebecers, greatly affecting their day-to-day lives. With locations in Montreal, Quebec City, Estrie, Outaouais and Mauricie, the Foundation gives people with cancer and their loved ones access to lodging and support services to meet their practical needs and facilitates access to cancer treatments. Through its Info-Cancer services, the Foundation also offers support, information and reassurance, free of charge, to people across the province. 

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