It is with the deepest sorrow that we pay tribute here to Caroline Nadeau, a beneficiary of our complementary therapies, who passed away this summer.

A tribute may move us to tears, but it can also help to calm us. It leads us to understand that dealing with loss does not mean forgetting the person who has left us, but keeping alive the memory of what she brought us.

Dear Caroline,

What immense sadness we all felt at the Foundation and in the art therapy workshop when we learned of your passing on August 7. You were so luminous, so alive, so endearing; we loved you so much! There are no words strong enough to express the emptiness that your departure has left within each one of us. Many tears have been shed and many more are yet to come, but they all testify to the love we all felt for you.

I remember the first time I met you in art therapy. You came with Michel, your father, and together, in that magical brief respite the disease sometimes permits, you created a sweet moment of escape. You continued in art therapy by joining the young adult group and from the your very first session, you charmed everyone.

You compared the ordeal that cancer had thrust on you to a marathon, and declared: "We’re marathon runners in life and we’re all running together." How well that phrase represented what you and your art therapy friends were going through. Together, you immersed yourselves in the art therapy process, exchanged confidences, gave vent to your emotions and supported each other completely! You knew how to make the group laugh with your colourful way of saying things, like that time when, to illustrate your point, you said, "He's not the most defrosted pogo in the box." You knew that laughter was a precious ally for each of you. We often said you could have been a comedian. You had an amazing, innate feeling for a good punch line.
Your face lit up when you talked about your "little Antoine", the son who was the apple of your eye. You had found love with Maxime, the man of your life. His little Lohan was a wonderful playmate for Antoine. You were proud to have a brother like Tobbi and a sister like Gabrielle and you always spoke very fondly of them. You were blessed to have strong, loving parents like Michel and Carole who were always there for you.

You delivered an unforgettable testimony at our 2018 Cancerto fundraising evening and your art therapy friends’ eyes filled with tears as they listened to you describing the strength you all had. Together, you created a mural to colour that evening to show the concrete benefits of art therapy for young people in situations similar to your own.

That evening, your little Antoine gave you a great performance when he sang with Marc Hervieux! You were so proud of him!
My beautiful Caroline, you sowed so much joy around you, so much happiness and tenderness! We will always keep a sunny image of you. You have left an imperishable imprint on our hearts.
Lucie Sarrasin, your art therapist, Laure V. and your friends from the art therapy workshop: Marie-Claude B., Judith L., Catherine P., Catherine R.-L., Julie A., Stéphanie C., Evelyne M.-U., Judith L., Caroline C., Mélissa H.-B.

The entire team of the Quebec Cancer Foundation offers its sincerest condolences to her little Antoine and to all her family and loved ones.

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