From left to right: Ms. Sandra Etchenda, réd. a., Mr. Gopinath Jeyabalaratnam, Ms. Sandy Sadler, pht,   M.Ed., M.G.P., PMP, and Ms Guerlane Noël, CPA, CGA, LL. M. Fisc.

The Quebec Cancer Foundation is pleased to welcome to its Board of Directors a new Administrator, Guerlane Noël, CPA, CGA, LL. M. Fisc, as well as three Observer Members: Sandy Sadler pht, M.Ed., M.G.P., PMP, Sandra Etchenda, C.E. and Gopinath Jeyabalaratnam.

The Quebec Cancer Foundation has created the title of Observer Member to permit representatives of the business community to join the Board of Directors progressively. Initially, they will be able to observe the Foundation's actions and the way the Board operates, prior to becoming more officially involved, in full awareness of all that is involved. “The reputation of Quebec Cancer Foundation is growing. This is attested to both by the enthusiasm expressed by candidates wishing to join the Board of Directors and well as the quality of the applications received. This is one of the major reasons, why the Board of Directors has chosen to create the title of Observer Member” explains Marco Decelles, Director General of the Quebec Cancer Foundation.
These new members will participate in the development of the Quebec Cancer Foundation thanks to their complementary expertise and their networks. The Foundation will also be able to count on their skills, their humanity and their unfailing generosity, which they demonstrate on a daily basis in assisting the Foundation to pursue its mission.
“I care deeply about the well-being of others and my values are aligned with those of the Quebec Cancer Foundation. Contributing to the Foundation's mission also means contributing to the well-being of thousands of Quebecers with cancer in every part of Quebec, regardless of their origin, type or stage of cancer, their age, or anything else” declares Guerlane Noël, Director, Tax and Estate Planning for Mackenzie Investments.

“It is a privilege to be able to count on the commitment of these new members. We are even prouder to have an equal number of women and men on our Board of Directors, with different backgrounds and profiles. The values of equity and inclusion are at the heart of our organization and our Board of Directors must reflect this” said Michel L. Lesage, President of the Quebec Cancer Foundation’s Board of Directors.
The entire team of the Foundation joins with the President of the Board and the Director General in welcoming Guerlane, Sandy, Sandra and Gopinath!
The members of the Board of Directors support the cause in various ways and use their networks to promote the Quebec Cancer Foundation throughout Quebec. All the directors of the Quebec Cancer Foundation assume their responsibilities on a voluntary basis.

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