Sharing with a person who has gone through a similar experience

Being diagnosed with cancer is not easy to accept. Talking about it with those around us can be just as difficult.

Through our telephone peer support line, whether you have cancer or are caring for someone who does, you can be put in touch with a person who has gone through the same trial.

In total confidence, you can share your experience, express your feelings and discuss the effects of the disease on your life, as well as receiving encouragement from a volunteer who has also walked that path. Free of charge and in total confidence, across Quebec: 1 800 363-0063

The telephone peer support proved really helpful for me after my breast cancer surgery. A positive and caring woman helped me get through the treatments. Every phone call meant comfort for me. I asked my questions about what was going to happen at every step. I felt good and positive, and a lot of fear fell away as we talked.” Gisèle

Become a volunteer in helping relationships

If you have been affected by cancer and wish to provide support for someone who is now going through this ordeal, become a volunteer by contacting our telephone peer matching Coordinator at 1-800-363-0063, ext. 253 or at

Check out the volunteer profile for telephone peer support to learn if you would be an ideal candidate.

The telephone peer matching service is generously supported by Merck Canada.

Our partners

Thanks to our partnerships with: 
Bladder Cancer Canada,
Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada
Colorectal Cancer Canada,
Save Your Skin Foundation,
our Info-cancer Services are offered to all their French-speaking beneficiaries in Quebec, but also in the rest of Canada.