Annual report and financial statements

Each year, the annual report of the Quebec Cancer Foundation presents our latest achievements in terms of service and fundraising activities along with a detailed financial statement. In it you will discover the life of the Foundation.

2021 Annual report: English | French
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Financial Statements (in French only)

2020-2022 Strategic Plan (in French only)

Être plus près du monde
"Être plus près du monde (Being Closer to the People)" is a dynamic and ambitious plan that will permit the Quebec Cancer Foundation to respond even more effectively to the new challenges of the 2020s. This document outlines the three pillars of the strategic action plan that the Foundation will pursue over the next three years:

  • Establishing itself as a leader in supporting people affected by cancer throughout Quebec;
  • Developing its service offer to meet new, emerging needs;
  • Diversifying its sources of funding.

40th anniversary book (in French only)

La Fondation québécoise du cancer : du rêve à la réalité

Co-written by 3 of the co-founders of the Quebec Cancer Foundation : Dr. Pierre Audet-Lapointe, Dr. Pierre Band et Dr. Michel Gélinas, the book accurately and emotionally retraces the beautiful story of the Foundation since its inception: the story of five medical specialists who wanted to see their dream come true, to transform the ways that things were done in their field in that era, by finding inspiration in the best practices worldwide and implementing them in Quebec—at a time when many thought that the cancer issue would soon be resolved.

Newsletter (in French only)

Bulletins (in French only)

Videos (in French only)

Watch this video and learn more about the unique mission of the Quebec Cancer Foundation. You can witness firsthand a day in the life of people with cancer receiving the Foundation’s help and hear for yourself a touching account about how relevant our information, support and lodging services have proven to be.

Quebec Cancer Foundation Brochures (in French only)

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