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You have just been diagnosed with cancer? One of your loved one is suffering? We are here for you! Whether you need advice, reasonably priced accommodation near your treatment centre, questions answered or you need to talk or to unwind and just take care of yourself, we can help.

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Supporting Quebecers who today are dealing with cancer, that’s what you accomplish when you support us. Every gift, every act makes a real difference for the women and men in our communities who are going through a difficult trial. Your help will bring strength and encouragement to so many!

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“Let's tackle cancer” during a white match

22 June 2017 - News

The Quebec Cancer Foundation is proud to be associated with the “Let’s Tackle Cancer” white match of the Montreal Alouettes, on Thursday, August 24, 2017. During the match, the Als will go head to head with both the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and cancer!

Arrival of the twenty participants of the Chemin des sanctuaires - Close to $32,000 raised

15 June 2017 - News

Twenty walkers arrived to the end of the way on Sunday, June 11, after a 200 km walk. Tired but proud of their feat, they received a warm welcome from their loved ones and friends at the Shrine of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré.

Rapides et pas dangereux, José Gaudet et ses amis font vivre des émotions fortes!

05 June 2017 - News

Samedi dernier le 3 juin se tenait l’événement Rapides et pas dangereux organisé dans le cadre du Grand défoulement de la Fondation québécoise du cancer, et présenté par Iristel. Personnalités connues des Québécois et gens du public se sont retrouvés à l’Autodrome St-Eustache afin de vivre une journée des plus intenses! 

The 4th edition of the Quebec Cancer Foundation’s Grand défoulement is under way!

01 June 2017 - News

Throughout the month of June, there will be a host of activities offered to the public all across Quebec. Whether as an organizer, a donor, or a participant, everyone is invited to “vent against cancer!”

Two racing drivers take part in the Grand défoulement!

31 May 2017 - News

​Following up on the success of the 2016 fundraiser, Dumoulin Competition renews its vow to support an important cause: the Grand défoulement of the Quebec Cancer Foundation.  Readmore

Compostelle en tandem - Le voyage d’une vie, une étape à la fois

05 May 2017 - News

Il y a huit ans maintenant que les premiers participants du défi caritatif Compostelle en tandem de la Fondation québécoise du cancer ont foulé les chemins mythiques de ce pèlerinage bien connu, en hommage à la résilience et au courage des personnes faisant face au cancer.
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