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When I was 12 years old, I was diagnosed with brain cancer. During a delicate surgery, I had a stroke that left me paralysed on the left side of my body. Life had just slowed down a bit for me.

During an outing in 2016, I met a young girl, who also had cancer, and she told me about the services of the Quebec Cancer Foundation. I was immediately interested in its kinesiology program. I had heard of the benefits of kinesiology: more energy, fewer treatment side effects, less anxiety and so on.

That’s how I met Denis. He’s the kinesiologist who helped me continue my physical recovery. For me, this had a positive impact on my psychological well-being, as well. I felt better about myself. I really enjoyed how each session was so personalized. Denis helped me reclaim my body.

When you’re young and you have cancer, it feels like no one really understands you, except for the people you meet in the waiting area and treatment room during your appointments. Everyone who has cancer needs to know that the Quebec Cancer Foundation is there for them! The Programme à Félix was made just for young people. It’s great because it’s adapted to their needs. Better coping with cancer means accepting the disease, but this is a long process that can be difficult to undergo alone. With the Foundation, you don’t have to!

Kinesiology at the Quebec Cancer Foundation

The Quebec Cancer Foundation was the first organization to launch a kinesiology program and offer it to people living with cancer. The professional service is available to all users, free of charge. 

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