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“Art therapy has been the springboard that has allowed me to move forward after my cancer.”

Thanks to the workshops offered by Lucie Sarrasin, my art therapist, I was able to regain confidence in life and in myself.

It is because of art that I have been able to rid myself of all the stress associated with my new life, one that is punctuated by treatments and hospital visits.

I had never really had the opportunity or the means to develop my artistic and creative sense. When I discovered art therapy, I took a leap forward. Since then, artistic expression has become a need.

It's been quite a journey. In the first few sessions, I let off a lot of steam and gave vent to my emotions. When you are diagnosed with cancer, your life turns upside down, there are masses of information you have to assimilate quickly, you undergo a series of tests...in short, you are hit by whirlwind of emotions.

Little by little, I was able to regain my calm, think more about myself and finally realize and understand what my real needs were.

I started by trying to get rid of my anger, to finally accept it and tame it. More than just an outlet, my artistic sessions became a way for me to refocus; they were the support that helped me face the steps one at a time.

When the pandemic plunged the country into a health and social crisis, the Quebec Cancer Foundation chose to offer its art therapy workshops online, via the Zoom platform. That was a wonderful opportunity for people like me who live in the regions. Here in Abitibi, the offer of oncology services is very limited. If the Foundation has not taken that initiative, I wouldn’t have been able to participate. What is more, it eliminates the stress and fatigue associated with taking public transportation. With Zoom, I travel the entire distance from within my home.

These virtual encounters have also broken the solitude that more or less all of us have been living in for the last several months.

I have formed a strong, natural bond with my art therapy group. We are all living through very similar situations. We understand and empathize with each other. Over time, our trust has strengthened and sharing has become a new habit.

The atmosphere is full of open-mindedness and serenity. Lucie plays a crucial role in guiding us towards gentleness and calm. Her listening skills and empathy are exceptional.

In closing, all I can say is that I’m looking forward to attending more sessions!

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