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Dealing with cancer... one joke at a time!

Every Wednesday for almost a year, Lucie Sarrasin, an art therapist at the Quebec Cancer Foundation, has been meeting the same group of young adults in her workshops at the Montreal Regional Centre.
The story began in May 2018, during joint art therapy sessions organized by the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and the Quebec Cancer Foundation. At the end of the pilot project, the group appreciated the workshop so much that Lucie decided to continue the sessions at the Foundation.

For many of them, art therapy was a no brainer. Over time, such strong friendships were formed between these young people that just a few months after they met, they decided together to launch a joint project on the theme of cancer.

As Anthony tells it: “For quite a while we had built up a large supply of jokes and the desire to do something together. We noticed that there were few francophone spaces online where cancer was treated a humorous way. It all started from there.”

That’s how “La bande cancéreuse” was born, with over 500 followers.
These four young people are united under the banner of sharing their experiences and feelings about cancer with a touch of humour. And the point is not to dwell on the dark side of cancer; above all, it’s to stay natural and light-hearted.

(Left image) You’re so brave! I have no goddam choice!!! 
(Right image) ​When you find out you can get 6 massages at the Quebec Cancer Foundation at a super low price

“The strip is not just for young people with cancer, but also for their friends and relations. We want to educate people with no direct experience of cancer and who sometimes feel a bit awkward” says Marie-Claude. “I hope that, through humor, we can reach out to a wider audience and demystify the disease to young people.”

What can art therapy do? 

Humour has the power to ease suffering, and the same goes for art therapy. After a relapse, Anthony was looking for some form of psychological help and was interested in an approach combining art and psychology: “Thanks to Lucie and the Quebec Cancer Foundation, things have changed and now I feel better. Lucie is enthusiastic and genuine, and that's so important! As long as there is room I'll be there for sure. It’s gone beyond a simple art therapy workshop now. I feel the difference when I don’t go, and so does my girlfriend!”
Every month, new people join art therapy workshops all over the province. Anthony notes that people are often hesitant to take part: “A lot of guys don’t like to talk about their feelings. They’re unaware of how much good it can do. For me, it’s obvious that art therapy has helped me enormously!“
So visit “La bande cancéreuse” on Instagram right away. They’ve got other projects coming up!
Like the idea of art therapy? Go to the Quebec Cancer Foundation Regional Center nearest you. The workshops are free and open to all!

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