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“A beautiful encounter during my chemo.”

I was only 19 years old last December, when I learned that I had cancer.

There’s nothing funny about cancer: either the treatment, the fatigue or the emotions that go with it!

But I had a surprise one day while I was receiving chemotherapy: a massage therapist with experience in oncology came along and offered me a massage session and I accepted.

The Quebec Cancer Foundation offers its free chair massage service to patients undergoing chemotherapy treatments in several hospitals in Quebec.

I was the first to benefit from it at the Sorel Hospital.

It is reassuring to know that the massage therapist who provides this care is specialized. She knows how to go about it and explains her training. I immediately had confidence in her and her expertise. She always asks where you want to be massaged - in my case I chose my legs. With other people, she massages their heads, their shoulders, etc.

Then, the magic of massage does the rest. It was a moment of pure relaxation and relief that lasted the whole day. To tell the truth, it was one of the few moments when I felt relaxed during my whole treatment.

Although today I have finished chemotherapy and therefore I can no longer benefit from these massages, I would have them again as many times as I could.

That is why I so much want this service to be continued to be offered to other patients.

It is a beautiful gift, a lovely soothing idea that is as comforting for the mind as it is for the body.

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