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“I’m very happy to have participated in these workshops and I intend to carry on living as long as possible!”

March 2020 marked the beginning of a global health crisis and the world went into slow motion. In April, Philippe Larbarbe received a call from his oncologist: lung cancer. While activity worldwide was grinding to a halt, his tumor was spreading rapidly. With the support of his family and friends, he was determined to do everything he could to get through his ordeal. A few months later, he discovered the kinesiology workshops offered by the Quebec Cancer Foundation.

It was my daughter who enrolled me in those kinesiology workshops. It wasn't my cup of tea at the beginning! However, I decided to go along with it. The sessions were given online, so there was no travelling involved. What did I have to lose?

Today, I have no regrets. On the contrary, I loved the experience!

I also want to stress how convenient it is that the workshop is offered online. I'm from Saint-Samuel, and if the pandemic had not made it necessary to introduce such changes, I probably wouldn't have been able to benefit from the service.

What I liked especially: 

  • The reactivity and adaptability of the kinesiologists 
I was particularly touched by the adaptability of the three kinesiologists and their ability to react. It was a first experience for them too, in the sense that they had never given an online workshop before. They were very attentive; they always listened to my suggestions for making the workshops even more enjoyable.

There were approximately eight participants per session. Since our pathologies were all differe nt, the kinesiologists adapted to our needs by creating three groups of similar levels, which made the recommendations more personalized, while respecting individual abilities.
  • A human, social experience 
These workshops allow us to meet people who are going through a similar situation to ourselves. They give an opportunity to share and take a step back. The kinesiologists encourage us to share our experiences. They even organized a session especially for our spouses!
  • A personalized fitness program 
We left with a highly personalized exercise program, adapted to each of us.
Finally, I’m very happy to have participated in these workshops and I intend to carry on living as long as possible!

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