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Patricia Fitzmaurice

A year ago, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. After the surgery, my oncologist gave me my treatment plan, which included 18 sessions of chemotherapy. He told me that many side effects were involved, hair loss being one of them. This really upset me, since I had always taken good care of myself and my appearance. The disease had left me feeling extremely vulnerable.
At the hospital, I was given documentation on cancer and the resources available. The wig loan service offered by the Quebec Cancer Foundation caught my attention.
I went to the Quebec Regional Centre, where I was greeted by a volunteer who took the time to give me advice on the right items for me from their collection of 300 styles and colours. So when I started my chemotherapy, I was prepared: I had a wig and scarves to cover my head. I was reassured knowing I had everything I needed to deal with the loss of my hair.
At the Foundation, I got much more than just a wig. I took part in a multitude of programs and services that helped me feel better physically and psychologically during this difficult time in my life. For instance, at the Documentation Centre, I met a caring employee who listened to me and really understood my needs. She suggested books for me to read, which I then borrowed, free of charge, at the Info-Cancer Library.
I also had the chance to learn adapted exercises from a kinesiologist, get massages from massage therapists specialized in oncology, participate in support groups and use the peer matching service to speak with a volunteer who had also had cancer.
The support I received at the Quebec Cancer Foundation played a critical role in my recovery. Doctors treated my disease, but the Foundation cared for my heart!
Thank you to all the volunteers and staff who welcomed me with so much compassion. I am extremely grateful.
Patricia Fitzmaurice

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