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"I was lucky to be matched with Martine. She was a godsend for me."

If there is one thing that stands out for me about the Quebec Cancer Foundation, it is their telephone peer matching service. I was diagnosed with stomach cancer in 2016 and had surgery on January 25, 2017: 60% of my stomach had to be removed. I was lucky to be matched with Martine. She was a godsend for me. She understood everything I was going through because she had been in exactly the same situation as me: same cancer, same treatment... 27 years ago! When I met her, I was immediately reassured that if she could survive a cancer like that almost 30 years previously, it was clear that I could too!

All through my ordeal, even when I was in the hospital and throughout my chemotherapy, Martine always took the time to call me.

She gave real, practical advice that I couldn’t get anywhere else. She advised me on what to eat and how to eat well. Those phone conversations with her were a source of oxygen for me. She kept saying: “If you need me, just call the Foundation. Don’t hesitate!” I always looked forward to talking to her.

She is the most beautiful gift the Quebec Cancer Foundation has offered me. And you definitely can’t ask for anything better than that.
The Foundation also offers many other services that give real assistance to people affected by cancer.

For me, all these programs and services have been invaluable during my illness, by keeping my mind occupied as I get better, both mentally and physically: massage therapy, art therapy, yoga, the walking club, the library... These activities also gave me an opportunity to network with other beneficiaries, and that's very valuable.

What I especially appreciate about the Foundation is the variety of services it offers that are accessible to all patients, whatever cancer they may be suffering from.

Now it's my turn to give back to the Foundation and help those going through the ordeal of cancer. I talk to everyone I meet about the Foundation's services and take part in fundraising events. I’ve also participated in the marches du Grand défoulement in Quebec City and the Outaouais... and I don’t intend to stop there!

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