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"When I'm at the Foundation, I feel encouraged to do what does me good."

I received a first diagnosis of stage 3 breast cancer in 2016, when I was only 29 years old. I had several different chemotherapy treatments to reduce my primary tumor, which initially measured 9 cm. Then I had surgery for a bilateral mastectomy followed by 5 weeks of radiation.

I found out about the Quebec Cancer Foundation when I was searching the Internet to see what free services were offered that could help me get through this ordeal. I first used the kinesiology services. I then met Lucie, the Foundation's art therapist, who invited me to attend an afternoon art therapy session.

I returned to work in June 2017, one month after the end of my treatment. Unfortunately, during a checkup 3 months later, they discovered nodules in my lungs. The confirmation came on February 23, 2018: the breast cancer had returned, this time with metastases in my lungs.

I'm now at stage 4 breast cancer; it's incurable, and I will have to undergo chemotherapy for the rest of life in order to delay the progression of the disease.

Off work again, I needed an activity that would give me a boost psychologically. I also needed to break my isolation and meet other young people in my situation. I then came across an ad by Quebec Cancer Foundation offering art therapy at Montreal's Museum of Fine Arts. I immediately called to register. After 8 weeks together at the Museum, our group was so welded that we decided, with Lucie, to continue the activity at the Foundation. And we are all so happy we did.

The Quebec Cancer Foundation gives me a space where I can find myself within a group of young people whose situations are substantially similar to my own. It's so easy to chat, sympathize, express what we feel and what we've gone through. I've learnt to see art from a totally different angle, one that is more in line with my emotions.

Without my Wednesday afternoons at the Foundation, my weeks would not be the same. With every visit to the Foundation, I feel less alone, I feel supported, I feel encouraged to do what does me good.

I also signed up for a first massage at the Foundation and I'm looking forward to others in the future.

The services the Foundation offers are truly wonderful!

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