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“Being able to talk to someone when going through something so upsetting makes all the difference in the world.”

I’ve been working at the Quebec Cancer Foundation for a number of years now, but when I learned, in August 2020, that my mother had lung cancer and that her chances were slim at best, I was nonetheless in shock. Truth be told, no one is ever ready to open the door when cancer comes knocking.

My mother lived in the Estrie region at the time, and I immediately thought of having her be closer to the Greater Montreal region, where she would be receiving her treatments. Imagine my relief at learning that during her first round of treatment, which included both radiotherapy and chemotherapy, she would be staying at the Foundation’s Montreal Lodge. She would be supported and could rest and recover in between therapy sessions, without having to worry about the logistics of the process or organizing her days.

The treatment she received allowed us to spend several more months with her, including the Christmas holidays.

This period was unfortunately followed by a deterioration of her condition and a surge in the cancer’s progression, which eliminated all possibility of her being cured. I found myself having to consider palliative care,  which is when I decided to call the Info-cancer Hotline, a Foundation service created to provide people facing cancer with information anonymously, confidentially and at no cost.

I talked to a nurse who attentively listened to my story and what I needed. Being able to talk to someone when going through something so upsetting makes all the difference in the world. 

“The team is truly wonderful, and totally focused on providing advice and information that is both clear and comprehensive.”

The support I was offered made me even more appreciative of the work I’m privileged to do. Having now faced cancer first-hand, I know how essential human contact can be when people with cancer, their caregivers or their loved ones need answers. I am incredibly happy and proud to know that my team, with its skilled and compassionate members, helps countless Quebecers navigate these very difficult times.

I could make the necessary arrangements thanks to the provided information, leaving me free to spend the remaining time at my mother’s side.

Marie, Montreal

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