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“In going through the ordeal of being diagnosed with cancer, Mr. Couture's visualization workshop is one of the best resources I've had.”

I discovered the visualization workshops given by Mr. Couture at the Quebec Cancer Foundation. I’m thankful to the Foundation for making such high quality support available! Mr. Couture imparts his knowledge of visualization in the most generous way. The first part of each session is devoted to explaining principles underlying the effectiveness of visualization and the second part takes the form of a guided visualization period.

In order to prolong the feeling of well-being, Mr. Couture provides participants with recorded material that they can all practice between the weekly sessions.

This generous man puts his heart into sharing his knowledge of healing and wellness. He listens to participants and provides in-depth assistance, most notably through his open, warm, non-judgmental attitude.

Throughout my entire ordeal since being diagnosed with cancer, Mr. Couture's visualization workshop is one of the finest best resources I have encountered.

This type of help is of the utmost importance, both for promoting the healing process and for helping maintain good physical and mental health throughout our lives. I hope that many others will be able to benefit from it.

Thank you once again!

Lisanne Turcotte, psychologist

Would you like to improve your well-being by participating in visualization workshops? Call us at 1 800 363-0063. This service is offered free of charge by the Quebec Cancer Foundation.

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