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“We are not creating the road, ‘tis the road that is creating us...”

I had sworn that I would one day walk the Way to Compostelle (also known as the Pilgrim’s Way to Santiago). I had been following the Quebec Cancer Foundation’s Facebook page for a certain while when a post caught my attention; it mentioned information sessions concerning the 6th edition of the Compostelle team trekking event on behalf of the Quebec Cancer Foundation. I made my way to the Foundation’s Quebec office without any idea of what awaited me. The promise of a once-in-a-lifetime adventure was more appealing than I could have ever imagined; I immediately knew that if I didn’t walk the trail on this particular occasion, I would never do so.

You know that feeling you get, deep inside, which seems to consist of equal parts fear and excitement? Where something is pushing you forward? This is what I felt as - one step at a time - I committed to walking in memory of and to honour those who battled or were otherwise impacted by cancer. I never lacked in motivation. You see, I had conquered cancer not long before that, in 2014, my grandmother had died of cancer in 1994, and I worked at the Fondation de la Maison Michel-Sarrazin in addition to being a member of the Board of directors of the Organisation Québécoise des Personnes Atteintes de Cancer. 

​​​​​​​The entire project was well organized. We were supported at every level, be it with regard to the necessary equipment, the physical training prior to the walk and the fundraising aspect of the event, which was greatly facilitated thanks to a Web site designed for that specific purpose. And of course, kudos to the entire Foundation's team, who guided and assisted us at every step of the fundraising. The trip exceeded all of my expectations, by far.

Imagine spending 10 days, either on your own, with a partner or in a group (you choose) - and at your own pace - walking, eating and sleeping in all kinds of settings where breathtaking landscapes, wonderful people and a deep sense of history await at every turn. The event team, of course, was always present, ready to help out in the case of any difficulties. Walkers were even followed by a van ready to offer support or assistance.

So many miles to walk, so many pleasures to discover, under our feet and in our hearts. Good steps, good food and a good life. A pilgrim’s life.

“We are not creating the journey, it's the journey that is building us...”

Josée Parent-Bellavance 

Escape for the cause

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