Relive the experiences described in the inspiring stories told by people close to the foundation.

Two years ago, after a colonoscopy, the doctor informed me that I had a tumour pressing down on my appendix, which could cause it to burst at any time. My husband and I knew what that meant: cancer. Not long after, I received the diagnosis: stage 4 colon cancer. My liver was also badly affected by metastases.
Throughout every stage of the disease, whether it was chemotherapy, liver surgery or all the testing I underwent, I was able to count on a sympathetic ear to help me in my time of need.
While I had love and support from my husband and children, I needed to speak with someone who had gone through the same experience. My pivot nurse had given me information on the Quebec Cancer Foundation and the telephone peer support line had caught my attention.
That’s how I came to be put in touch with Christiane, a volunteer specially trained by the Foundation. Being able to talk with her openly without holding back helped me keep some of the strain of the disease away from my family.
It was so reassuring to have the chance to discuss my experience freely with someone who had been there. She gave me advice on many things and helped me prepare for the next stages. I even looked forward to sharing with her some of my results! I knew she cared and she often called to check up on me, especially after a doctor’s appointment.
For two years, Christiane was there to listen to me. On bad days, hearing her soft-spoken voice would soothe and reassure me.
Even though I’ve never met Christiane in person, I can tell you that she was a significant presence in my life during that period. This extraordinary woman really had an impact on my well-being. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for everything she did for me. I will always be grateful.
I would recommend, without a moment’s hesitation, that people with cancer and even their loved ones use the telephone peer support line offered by the Quebec Cancer Foundation. It will do you so much good to confide in someone who understands.

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