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I was 57 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer with metastases in the axillary lymph nodes.

During my radiotherapy treatments, I spent six weeks in Trois-Rivières. Feeling that I needed to move a little, I enrolled in the kinesiology program offered by the Quebec Cancer Foundation.

My goals were to get in shape and have fun. To try something different while learning something at the same time. Something that would get me out of my medical routine.

Since my treatment ended, I don’t feel quite motivated enough to start moving again but I still have the exercises and I know they do me good. Right now, I’m spending a lot of time gardening and that makes me feel good too.

I highly recommend this service to anyone who has suffered from cancer. The breathing exercises are very helpful in calming you down and helping you become aware of your body. The exercises allow you to refocus at your own pace and to find your energy again, a little at a time.

It is important to treat yourself to sweet moments like these after going through the ordeal of a disease such as cancer and all that it entails. Thank you for allowing me to discover the benefits of this service.

Jacinthe Fortier


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