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Gilles Lacourse

When my wife was being treated for breast cancer at the hospital, she made a new friend, whose husband was an insurance broker. He’s the one who introduced me to life insurance donations. I realized it could be a great way to support a cause.
Since I was already interested in the cancer cause, I looked into the work being done by the Quebec Cancer Foundation. Its network of lodges, which provide accommodation near treatment facilities, really appealed to me. I even visited the Montreal Regional Centre and saw for myself just how important its services are for people with cancer. It’s an organization with heart that truly meets people’s needs. Its values spoke to me, which is why I chose to donate to this Foundation.
It’s been over 20 years now that I’ve added the Quebec Cancer Foundation as the beneficiary on my life insurance policy. This decision makes me feel like I’m paying it forward. I know I’ll be contributing to the well-being of people with cancer even when I’m gone. It’s a comforting thought.
When you’ve been fortunate in life, it’s important to give back. I hope my life insurance gift will be able to help others!

Gilles Lacourse
The Builders of Hope Circle

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