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"We all have a cause that is dear to our hearts. Mine is the Quebec Cancer Foundation.”

Cancer hasn’t been particularly kind to me. I learned in August 2016 that I’d been diagnosed with breast cancer. After several months of chemotherapy and two surgeries at two-week intervals, I then embarked on 25 radiotherapy sessions to overcome my cancer. That at least is what I thought. Two years after the end of my treatment, a sore back introduced a new twist into my life... What was at first thought to be a simple muscle pain turned out to be a cancerous mass. The diagnosis was pronounced once more: recurring breast cancer that had metastasized to my spine. The prognosis was not very optimistic: a few years to live at most.
But my encounter with cancer also brought into contact with the Quebec Cancer Foundation.
A world of kindness, healing and support

When you're diagnosed with cancer, and especially with incurable cancer, like me, the Foundation is essential. Essential for accompanying you throughout the disease. It offers activities as varied as Qi Gong, art therapy, kinesiology, massages, and a library. The staff is always welcoming, you feel listened to, accompanied. At the Foundation you no longer feel alone. We’re so lucky to have this resource here in Trois-Rivières.
In the cancer field, there is a lot of talk about research, but I think that most people don’t realize the importance of support services such as those the Quebec Cancer Foundation offers. Too many people who could benefit from these services remain unaware of the Foundation’s existence.
This is why more than ever I want to do my part by giving back to the Foundation. I’m now involved for a second year running in the Foundation’s La marche du Grand défoulement, this time as an ambassador. With the help of the team, of which I'm captain, we did even better than last year, raising more than $3,130. No less than 36 of my friends and family, including 6 of my little nephews showed up to walk beside me. It was so tremendously heart-warming.
I can’t tell you how privileged I feel. You know how I measure my luck? By my wonderful husband and the people who are there to support me. These people have my back and give me so much energy. It’s thanks to them that I’ve not given up and that I’m able to find the strength to beat the odds.

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