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The Foundation, a true ally

The Quebec Cancer Foundation was very good to me throughout the entire process of my treatment for breast cancer.

I was the one who found my lump, but since I was afraid of being told the worst, I waited 10 months. Then, seeing that it was growing, I went to see a doctor, who sent me for a mammogram. To rid myself of the cancer, I had to consent to a partial mastectomy and radiation treatment.

As soon as I knew I had been diagnosed with cancer, I felt confident that everything would go well. Especially when I was handed the leaflet by the Quebec Cancer Foundation.

Although my two sisters gave me their support throughout the ordeal, I could not expect them to fully comprehend what I was going through. My real source of comfort came from the Foundation’s psychological support services, such as the Info-Cancer Hotline and its physical wellness programs, such as massage therapy.

You need to have had cancer to find out how taxing it can be. It’s the only way to understand the physical and psychological problems that come before, during and after treatment. I must say that the Foundation was a true ally in helping me get back on my feet. One particularly gloomy day, for example, I was able to pick up the phone and talk to a nurse who found the words to comfort me and answer my questions. Her previous experience in oncology was a great help!

I was lucky to have my sisters to trundle me from one appointment to the next and cook up meals for me all throughout my recovery. But the Foundation is also there for those who have no immediate family. I’ve met people like that, and I can tell you that the accommodation they offer close to the hospital is worth its weight in gold! I’m thinking of one girl I chatted with during my treatments. I believe she contacted the Quebec Cancer Foundation Regional Centre right after our discussion!”

My keenest reaction to my illness occurred after my course of treatment was over. I remember a friend of mine gave me a beautiful late birthday present a few months after the end of my treatment. And I cried and cried. And I thought of the nurses on the Info-Cancer hotline, and remembered that if I still ever needed to talk, I just had to call them.

For those who give and do not realize the impact of your donation, I have to tell you how your amazing your support is. It helps those affected by the illness when they need it most. Thank you!


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