Relive the experiences described in the inspiring stories told by people close to the foundation.

In September 2016, I stayed at the Quebec Cancer Foundation’s  accommodation centre in Sherbrooke for exactly 29 days!

I was referred to this service after being diagnosed with a tumour in a vocal cord. The first clue that something was wrong was a persistent cough.

After discussing with my children, I decided to accept radiation treatment, which gave me a 90% chance of the tumor disappearing.

During that difficult time, the shelter was a wonderful place for me. The people who provide services, including the volunteers, are simply amazing! They devote themselves body and soul to the well-being of residents. Although I did not talk much when I was there, I felt reassured to see that others were going through the same ordeal as me.

I firmly believe that the shelter, along with all the other information, psychological support and physical wellness services deserve to be better known. This is why today I’m getting involved in raising money for the Foundation to make sure that it can assist even more people!

This personal experience has made me focus my attention on life, the reality of life, and especially upon those affected by cancer in whatever way. From now on, I’m listening to life!

Antoine Beaulé

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