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Pierre et Jean

Volunteers, our allies

It is a well-known fact that the kitchen is the favourite gathering place for Quebecers! At the Quebec Cancer Foundation, Pierre and Jean are volunteers who prepare meals for residents at the Montreal Lodge as part of its community dinners.

When Jean learned that the Foundation was looking for cooks to take charge of the community dinners, he asked his good friend Pierre if he wanted in on the adventure. Since that time, every two weeks, they set up their menu, do their shopping and prepare a three-course meal – always with a smile.

“Our first wish was to be able to do what we wanted and still relate to the people. We try to make our suppers festive and treat people like family. We ask residents to help us prepare supper and that gives us a chance to talk with them.

We might spend a good part of the day organizing the meal. It’s pleasant to make a meal for others and to try out new recipes. It’s a new challenge every time. Our greatest reward is seeing that people appreciate our work and that we bring them a bit of happiness during their stay at the Foundation.

Some people live at the Lodge for several weeks, and we see the group dynamics change over time. At the beginning, people are a bit more by themselves, but as time goes by, they chat more with the others and open up. The community dinners help them meet new people, discuss and spend good time with good company. One day, a lady had enjoyed these get-togethers so much that she stayed an extra day at the Foundation for one final meal with us.

Every supper has its story. Recently, the residents sang Gens du pays for us! It was really a special atmosphere. We very much appreciated that sign of affection.”

On December 18th, our two cooks prepared the Christmas supper for about sixty residents and volunteers at the Montreal Regional Centre and Lodge. They very much enjoyed the experience and are proud of having accepted the challenge, and rightly so. The Quebec Cancer Foundation is grateful to them for their commitment!

Have a little time to give to help support people with cancer? The Foundation is always seeking volunteers.

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