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Marie Claude Chevrette

Cancer strikes, but life goes on!

In shock, my thoughts first turned to my loved ones: Do I tell them before or after the wedding? Will my fiancé still want to marry me? After much deliberation, we decided to go ahead with the wedding. We told everyone about my diagnosis, but also that my wedding day was the best day of my life and I wanted to have fun and share my joy with people who were happy for me. Despite the harsh reality of the situation, we forged ahead, because life goes on and what mattered most was enjoying this wedding that we had prepared with such care. 

But then instead of going on my honeymoon, I went into surgery, followed by chemo and radiation therapy. During this time, I continued to meet clients and participate in trade shows to promote my business. This was very demanding and I find it important to let people know that you can get cancer at any age and that inevitably it will affect someone you love. This is why it is so important to maintain support resources for people with cancer and for their loved ones, as the Quebec Cancer Foundation does so well.
During my ordeal with cancer, while working on the launch of my business, I used the various services offered by the Foundation. They did me a world of good. Massage therapy helped me take care of myself during my hectic weeks, while yoga taught me how to breathe, stay in shape and meet people with whom I could share my experience. The Foundation delivers many types of services that are so beneficial, whether you need to get information, borrow books free of charge, stay in shape, keep looking good, socialize, etc. When people receive a cancer diagnosis, they tend to isolate themselves, but the Foundation is there to offer wonderful resources to fight that very tendency and help people. 

Don’t be afraid to call the Info-Cancer Line (1 800 363-0063) and take advantage of the free services the Quebec Cancer Foundation offers. It’s a life saver!

Marie-Claude Chevrette

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