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Francis Bourbeau

I was able to focus on getting well… and on my future baby.

I never thought it could happen to me, especially not at 32. Magalie and I wanted to have a baby, to start our family. Then came the diagnosis: testicular cancer. It’s true that “cancer” is a really frightening word. You hear it often, you know it strikes more and more people, but I would never have expected that it would strike me. Not so young.

I had surgery in August 2013 and everything went well. Then, last April, the cancer came back, and it was even harder than the first time. Magalie was four months pregnant and the news for her was overwhelming. That meant more stress during the pregnancy. This time, we weren’t just afraid for ourselves, we were afraid for our baby, too.

Thanks to your support, I was welcomed and lodged during my treatments in a Quebec Cancer Foundation Lodge. Nine weeks is a long time; it’s stressful and especially tiring! But your support spared us the extra anxiety and I was able, among other things, to take part in the art therapy sessions that did me a lot of good.

The Foundation is definitely the best help for people with cancer. Fortunately, you are there to make it possible! That’s why I ask for your help; when the diagnosis hits, it makes all the difference knowing that we can count on you.

Words cannot describe all the good things your support brings us. Thank you very much!

Francis Bourbeau

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