Montreal, October 17, 2018 - The Quebec Cancer Foundation is doing everything in its power to provide free in-hospital chair massages to people undergoing chemotherapy treatments.
Cancer is the leading cause of death in Canada. Although the associated survival rate is improving over time, cancer is still devastating wherever it appears.
In fact, receiving a cancer diagnosis can seriously disrupt a life. And on top of the diagnosis are the side effects of the treatment, the physical and psychological pain, and unfortunately, the anxiety of facing the possibility of dying.
Those living with cancer often resort to complementary approaches in order to relieve their symptoms or the side effects of therapy. These include meditation, yoga, and also massage therapy.
"Diseases and their treatments can give rise to all kinds of tension and discomfort. Massage therapy gave me the chance to relax deeply, stop for a while, and refocus. That evening, I could feel a noticeable difference. Also, I had no insomnia in the days that followed; I slept soundly every night. I can recommend it to anyone."  This is a testimonial from Chantal, who was diagnosed with breast cancer.
The Foundation hears stories like Chantal's all the time. The Quebec Cancer Foundation would like to make massage therapy available in as many hospitals as possible.
Since 2011, the Quebec Cancer Foundation has worked with the Fondation de la massothérapie to provide massage sessions to thousands of Quebecers affected by cancer, to reduce many of the symptoms or side effects of the disease or the treatment.
The fact remains that offering these chair massages entails a significant expense for the Quebec Cancer Foundation. We need to raise funds to be able to offer this service free of charge. 
That's why we have launched several fundraising campaigns, supported by an adjustment to the cost of our massage therapy: the price per session for the table massages we offer will go up to $25 an hour as of November 1, 2018.
Numerous research studies testify to the effectiveness of customized massages for cancer patients when administered by a massage therapist specialized in oncology. Benefits mentioned include: 
  • Pain relief;
  • Lessened anxiety;
  • Decreased fatigue;
  • Improved quality of life for cancer patients suffering from secondary lymphedema. 
Adjusting the price of this physical wellness program will make it possible to offer a wider range of massages to the thousands of Quebecers who knock on the Foundation’s door each year. 

About the Quebec Cancer Foundation 

For almost 40 years, the Quebec Cancer Foundation has raised the funds needed to provide everyday support to thousands of Quebecers dealing with cancer and to their loved ones. Through its regional centres in Montreal, Quebec City, the Eastern Townships, Outaouais and Mauricie, it offers physical wellness programs and psychological support as well as the largest accommodation network in the province. Also, through its Programme à Félix, it offers adapted help to young people aged 15 to 39 affected by cancer. Finally, the Foundation’s Info-Cancer Services offer listening, answers and solace in every part of the province.

One in two Quebecers will face cancer. We are there to support them.
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