1 out of 2 Quebecers will be affected by cancer - We must help them beat it!

Trois-Rivières, April 5th, 2018 – Our theme for 2018, “51 out of 2 Quebecers will be affected by cancer  - We must help them beat it.” will provide a focus for our annual fundraising campaign. Our $500,000 target for the Mauricie region will allow us to deliver on our Mission Statement: to provide everyday real-life support to those fighting the disease as well to their essential care givers. Our campaign presidents, Jean-François and Louis-Philippe Dumoulin, will make use of their local visibility and business contacts to increase the public awareness of our foundation, as we continue to grow our financial resources and our team of engaged supporters, and increase our ability to deliver ever more support and services to the women and men touched by the disease.

Cancer Affects the Lives of Thousands Year After Year

Our foundation focuses on the needs and major issues of cancer sufferers and those close to them that help them cope with day-to-day needs. We become part of their support structure, always available to listen, inform, as well as provide comfort, companionship and shelter.

Luce Girard, Director of Mauricie Regional Centre and Lodge of the Quebec Cancer Foundation, is enthusiastic about the coming year: “I am proud of the Bleu-Ribbon team of committed volunteers we have built-up for our 2018 campaign, and with the ongoing support of our Campaign Presidents, Jean-François et Louis-Philippe Dumoulin. Our group is convinced that we can continue to crate and deliver more and better suited services to all cancer victims in our region. The active support of our population and of the local business community remains essential in the ongoing delivery of the support to cancer sufferers in our region.

The Dumoulin Brothers, Long-time Supporters of the Quebec Cancer Foundation

After raising nearly $30,000 for the Foundation over two years of their “Race Against Cancer” program, Jean-François et Louis-Philippe Dumoulin realized how important the personal commitment and generosity of everyone are important in helping cancer victims through overwhelming difficulties. They both decided to renew their commitment to that cause in 2018. « Our first two years helping the foundation showed us how people in general took the cause to heart, with many connected personally or through family to the disease. In fact, close members of our own family have lived through such experiences. They allowed us to discover the essential nature of the support offered by the Quebec Cancer Foundation. Our decision to continue helping the movement became a very natural and easy one.”

The campaign presidents will also continue the “Race Against Cancer” promotion for a third consecutive year, inviting donations from racing fans and adding their signatures to the car’s body. They will also participate in the Foundation’s "Un ou l’autre" promotion.

About the Quebec Cancer Foundation

For almost 40 years, the Quebec Cancer Foundation has raised the funds needed to provide everyday support to thousands of Quebecers dealing with cancer and to their loved ones. Through its regional centres in Montreal, Quebec City, the Eastern Townships, Outaouais and Mauricie, it offers physical wellness programs and psychological support as well as the largest accommodation network in the province. Also, through its Programme à Félix, it offers adapted help to young people aged 15 to 39 affected by cancer. Finally, the Foundation’s Info-Cancer Services offer listening, answers and solace in every part of the province.
One in two Quebecers will face cancer. We are here to support them.

Info-Cancer Services: 1-800-363-0063 | cancerquebec.com | Facebook: fqcancer

About Dumoulin Compétition

Jean-François Dumoulin and his brother Louis-Philippe launched “Dumoulin Competition” in 2009. In true entrepreneur style, the brothers assembled a team of specialists in finance, marketing, logistics and Team Management. Their aim from the beginning has been to demonstrate the solidity and professionalism of their management team to prospective business partners. Their motto, “Passion, Performance, Partnership“ best describes their commitment not only to on-track performance, but also to the quality of the image and visibility they project, and the cost effectiveness of the partner’s commitment to the team.
Luce Girard, Director, Mauricie Regional Center and Hotel Services
Quebec Cancer Foundation
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