Today, May 1, 2019, marks the province-wide launch of the Quebec Cancer Foundation’s La marche du Grand défoulement. The long-awaited event will be back this September for a second edition filled with fun and festivity!
A major new feature this year: in addition to the six existing walks in Quebec, Montreal, Rouyn-Noranda, Trois-Rivières, Gatineau and Granby, two new walks have been added, one in Laval, in partnership with the Maxime-Letendre Foundation and the other in Rimouski, in partnership with the Association du cancer de l’Est du Quebec.
In 2018, over 1,000 people walked with us, amassing an impressive total of nearly $200,000 on behalf of the Quebec Cancer Foundation! The program for those six beautiful days was a succession of games, music, speeches, massages and murals. And of course, there were the six walks that overflowed with hope, joy, and life.

This year, as part of its 40th anniversary, the Foundation aims to do even more for people with cancer and their loved ones by increasing its target to $250,000.
In this, the Foundation’s 40th anniversary year, hundreds of people, including several public figures, will be in attendance to manifest their combined support for those whose lives are affected by cancer.
Every year, 53,000 Quebecers are diagnosed with cancer. It is for this reason that the Quebec Cancer Foundation has decided to call upon all Quebecers to create this great solidarity movement to honour those who have passed away, to greet those who have been cured and to highlight the determination of those still facing the disease.
"The important thing is to mobilize! So that those dealing with cancer can hope for a better quality of life. The Foundation is like a second family, offering a sympathetic ear, answers and reassurance in every part of Quebec. This wave of human solidarity has the power to bring a smile to those facing the ordeal, believe me!" says Bruno Pelletier, volunteer spokesperson for the Quebec Cancer Foundation.
Come and participate again this year in one of the eight walks in Quebec. Families, colleagues, and friends will all join forces to raise funds and support Quebecers affected by cancer. This is the perfect opportunity to do yourself good, and to do good around you!
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Le Grand défoulement, a celebration of life

The Quebec Cancer Foundation’s La marche du Grand défoulement is just one aspect of a vast province-wide solidarity movement: Le Grand défoulement. There are three major components to our annual campaign:
La marche du Grand défoulement, Le Grand défoulement dans les écoles and Le Grand défoulement à ma façon.

Everyone, great or small, is able to participate and find a way of letting off steam that is suited to them. 
Join in this great solidarity movement! Come along and create some wonderful moments in the company of those you love: GRANDDEFOULEMENT.CA

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