​As a mark of our gratitude to the volunteers who support our mission day after day, the Quebec Cancer Foundation hosted a cocktail on Thursday, October 26.

The fifty volunteers assembled at the Espace Lafontaine received a certificate of appreciation for the years of volunteer service they have given to Quebecers affected by cancer.

Many people all across the province choose to take a break from their own lives to contribute to the wellbeing of those whose lives have been turned upside down by this disease. On October 26, volunteers from the Greater Montreal area were honored along with some members of the Board of Directors, Dr. Pierre Audet-Lapointe, cofounder of the Foundation; Michel L. Lesage, president;  Hubert Sacy, director; as well as the Foundation director general, Marco Décelles.

The Quebec Cancer Foundation wishes to recognize the gift of time of these dedicated and dedicated individuals! Their commitment makes a huge difference by making daily life easier for life of thousands of others.

Do you want to contribute to the well-being of those with cancer and their loved ones? To get involved as a volunteer, click on this link and fill out the form.

Photo: Cloé Jourdain


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