For a 9th consecutive year, OB YOGA is organizing a yoga concert in support of Quebecers living with cancer and their loved ones, featuring well-known Quebec artists such as Bruno Pelletier, Guylaine Tanguay, and Lulu Hughes, to name only a few. This fundraising event, organized in partnership with the Quebec Cancer Foundation, will be broadcast live on OB Yoga's YouTube channel at 8pm on June 27.

The founder of OB Yoga, Isabelle O'Brien, believes that a yoga concert makes sense in this period of such turbulent emotion and uncertainty: “During the pandemic, people living with cancer felt a lot of anxiety; many were afraid of going to the hospital and dying alone, others were afraid of catching COVID-19, while some had their operations postponed. My onco-yoga sessions have helped them regain their physical and mental well-being” she explains.

She hopes the event will raise a minimum of $20,000, making it possible to offer free adapted yoga classes to anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy, radiation or hormone therapy.

“After losing my father to cancer a few years ago, I really felt the need to support people going through this ordeal. Every time I’m able to help someone with the program, I know that my father is there and that he is proud of me” Ms. O'Brien says.

The benefits of onco-yoga

OB Yoga offers yoga classes and guided meditations specifically tailored for people coping with illness. “Cancer patients have special needs” says Ms. O'Brien, who made the decision to pursue specialized training in oncology yoga at the University of Calgary to better assist those diagnosed. “They have burning feet and hands, and suffer from discomfort after surgery. I offer them a class tailored to their needs.”

Onco-yoga has many beneficial effects on both body and mind, such as relieving the stress, fatigue and pain caused by the ordeal of cancer. Isabelle O'Brien's students continue to testify to these benefits:

“It does me a world of good, mentally and physically. My tension falls away and I experience a deep sense of well-being throughout my body. It is a profound help to me in my healing process.” - Diane Picard, a participant in Isabelle O'Brien's onco-yoga classes

The Artists

The Yoga-concert 2021 will count on the participation of the Quebec Cancer Foundation’s spokesperson, Guylaine Tanguay, along with Lulu Hughes, Bruno Pelletier, Luce Dufault, and Véronique Claveau. The Star Académie 2021 semi-finalists, Michaël Girard, Matt Laurent and many other artists will also be present!

Lulu Hughes, spokesperson for the Yoga-concert, herself had cancer in 2014, and can testify to the benefits of yoga:

“I was on my fifth day of chemotherapy. When the class started, it was hard, but as it went on, the more I sweated, the better I felt. I finished the class with a smile on my face and looked at Isa and said, "I'm back!"” - Lulu Hughes

Watch the trailer of the Yoga-concert


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