For its 40th anniversary, the Quebec Cancer Foundation has set its sights on the ambitious target of $6.5 million.
In 2018, as it has done for the past 40 years, the Quebec Cancer Foundation worked hard to raise the funds it needed to deliver the programs and services so urgently needed by Quebecers affected by cancer.
The year closed with a wave of optimism for the Quebec Cancer Foundation, with improved services, new partnerships, and successful fundraising events...
All these great achievements were made possible by the work and passion of our employees, volunteers, donors and the representatives of the corporate world who worked hand in hand to enable the Foundation to realize its ambitions.

In 2019 more than ever, our goal is to maintain the excellent level of services we offer to every Quebecer who knocks on the Foundation’s door, and to achieve this we have set our overall financial goal at $6.5 million.
Since 2016, the Foundation's overall delivery of services has increased by 14%.
These figures illustrate the Foundation’s determination to ensure its continued growth on behalf of those dealing with cancer by taking future needs into account.
A fundraising target of $1 million is also planned via the Foundation’s corporate events such as Cancerto, which in 2018 surpassed the $500,000 mark for donations and investments.
This year, the Foundation wants to reaffirm the importance of its mission and its role within the philanthropic sector in Quebec as well as among those affected by cancer. It is committed to finding innovative solutions for all Quebecers diagnosed with cancer – there will be 53,000 new cases this year – to ensure that the Foundation is an organization they can relate to, where they know that they will always be welcome, regardless of age, status or history.
The Quebec Cancer Foundation invites all Quebecers to become part of its family to join forces with us to support all those facing this disease.

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