The Quebec Cancer Foundation and Bladder Cancer Canada are proud to announce that they have entered into a partnership to optimize support for people with cancer and their loved ones.

Bladder Cancer Canada’s goal is to offer support and a telephone peer matching service to its French-speaking clientele (mainly in Quebec, but also in other Canadian provinces) by redirecting them to the Quebec Cancer Foundation's Info-cancer Services. The Quebec Cancer Foundation’s goal is to promote its vision of BEING CLOSER TO THE PEOPLE by going wherever people facing cancer are to be found, regardless of their age, history, or their type or stage of cancer.

“Because by doing so, whether this involves moving out of our traditional environments, improving our services or by being more accessible, particularly by means of partnerships, we can not only be present at the very heart of each of these people’s lives, we can also prevent cancer from taking up all the space within them.” says Marco Décelles, Director General of the Quebec Cancer Foundation.

The Info-cancer Services include:


At the other end of the line, a nurse experienced in oncology is available to listen and provide information on every aspect of cancer, in complete confidentiality. If necessary, she can also refer you to a free consultation with a nutritionist or a psychologist.


The Info-cancer Library is the only specialized French-language library of its type in North America. It contains a vast collection of books on every aspect of cancer and on ways of living better with the disease. Loans are free and delivered by mail, anywhere in Quebec.


The telephone peer matching service pairs cancer patients or their loved ones with sympathetic, specially trained volunteers who have undergone a similar cancer experience. They are ready to provide moral support and practical information to anyone affected by cancer—from the time of diagnosis, throughout the treatment, and even afterwards.

"Bladder Cancer Canada was founded in 2009 by two bladder cancer survivors. At that time, there was no one to talk to about their treatments, experiences and fears. Ten years later, patient support and telephone peer matching are still at the heart of our Canada-wide mission, which is motivated by three key concepts: support, awareness and bladder cancer research. Our new partnership with the Foundation is excellent news and will allow us to make even greater strides in providing support to our communities. In fact, we share the same goals: to facilitate access to services, offer a greater variety of resources and respond even more effectively to the real needs of thousands of Quebecers living with cancer. We hope that this will be a long-term collaboration that will maximize the impact of what we do for the well-being of people living with cancer and their family." says Dionne Duncan, Executive Director of Bladder Cancer Canada.

Partnerships are one of the major pillars of the Quebec Cancer Foundation, which it has been developing intensively since 2017 in its efforts bring assistance to more people facing the disease. “By joining forces with Bladder Cancer Canada, we will be able to reach out to more Quebecers who need support during their ordeal.” says Marco Décelles.

Through this partnership, the two foundations aim at complementarity in the services they develop. Rather than duplicating their services, the Quebec Cancer Foundation and Bladder Cancer Canada will amalgamate those they already offer to ensure that their development efforts complement each other.

Listening and mutual support are core values of both Bladder Cancer Canada and the Quebec Cancer Foundation. These values reflect their determination to support the community with sensitivity and compassion, to improve their ways of doing things, to defend the interests of people affected by the disease, and to mobilize their strengths in order to address important issues.

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