What: Voyageur canoe expedition for teenagers in remission from cancer
Who: On The Tip of the Toes Foundation
When: July 26 to August 6, 2019 for 14-18 year-olds in remission from cancer
Where: Manicouagan Reservoir
How much: FREE! (Transport organized, equipment, accommodation, meals, activities all supplied... it couldn’t be freer than that!)
Much more than trips in the great outdoors, these adventures offer participants a chance of meeting other young people with similar experiences, allowing them to exchange ideas, understand each other and forge deep bonds while facing challenges together.
The expedition will depart from Quebec City. The first and last day will be mostly taken up by transportation. Expedition members and participants will spend the first two days preparing for the expedition, getting to know each other and learning canoeing techniques. The expedition itself is eight days long.
You will cover an average of 15 km per day by Voyageur canoe. Luggage and security will be transported by motor boat. Except for the first and last nights of the trip, you will be camping in the wild.
Everyone will be expected to participate in the daily tasks and respond to challenges with every ounce of their abilities. The total duration of the trip, transportation included, is 12 days, which offers the young participants a unique opportunity to forge meaningful bonds with others who have experienced the same reality.
We invite you to visit the On the Tip of the Toes Foundation website, where you can review the detailed programming and apply online.


How could you get a better idea than from someone who has actually taken part in one of the expeditions? This is Anna Joy's testimony:
"This entire experience in the heart of nature, completely disconnected from everything happening online and in my everyday life, gave me a welcome break from the Internet and my usual concerns. I felt a tremendous sense of well-being and peace as I swam in the lake, relaxed by the campfire, ate and looked up at the stars in the company of other campers. Those moments will stay with me for a very long time; the feelings they gave me were wonderful. It is truly unusual these days to experience such feelings of peace and satisfaction."
Additional information:
Website: tipoftoes.com
E-mail: info@pointedespieds.com
Telephone: 1 877 543-3048

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