For this year’s Quebec Tobacco-Free Week, which runs from January 15 to January 21, organizers will be using shock ads to raise awareness of the devastating toll smoking takes not only on smokers but also on their friends and family. The campaign slogan for this 40th edition, Tobacco kills one in two smokers, will illustrate just how illness and premature death caused by smoking are distressing and disconcerting for loved ones. 

Smoking is a serious public health problem that accounts for 30 percent of cancer-related deaths. In Quebec, one in five people smokes, which means disease or death could very well strike someone you love. So join the collective effort to reduce tobacco use in Quebec.

As a proud partner of Tobacco-Free Week, the Quebec Cancer Foundation invites you to take part in the fight against smoking. For more information, visit the Website (in French only).

For questions and concerns about cancer, call the Info-Cancer Hotline at 1 800 363-0063 to speak with one of our experienced oncology nurses.

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