On December 11, the Conseil québécois d'agrément (CQA) conferred its Engagement qualité award on the Quebec Cancer Foundation in recognition of the excellence and professionalism of all its services.  
The overall score of 91.6% awarded by the Conseil is a testament to the quality of the Foundation's programs and services. In its Evaluation Report, the Conseil devoted particular attention to several of our strengths, including:
  • Our diversified service offering, which is built on identifying customer needs, frames of reference and proven professional practices. These programs are subject to regular review to ensure ongoing improvement. 
  • Our services are provided by professionals registered with professional orders, some of whom have received up to 400 hours of specific oncology-related training. 
  • The involvement and commitment of our staff and volunteers who work together to fulfil the mission of the Foundation, and who maintain a respectful, caring relationship with the beneficiaries. 
This accreditation is an endorsement of the approach followed by the Quebec Cancer Foundation for nearly 40 years: to strive for excellence every day on behalf of people with cancer.

The accreditation will also ensure heightened visibility and credibility among professionals in the healthcare system, resulting in a higher referral rate of patients to the Quebec Cancer Foundation.
The Foundation’s Director General Marco Décelles expressed his delight at being awarded this honour: “This is a major sign of recognition for our entire staff and is a reflection of the quality of our services. Beyond the fact that our quality is acknowledged, I experienced enormous pride when I read the excellent results obtained from the various surveys of our employees, volunteers and the Foundation’s clients.”
This award, which until now has been awarded to only three other organizations, is decided on the basis of 8 themes identified as the foundations of a quality system:
  • Governance
  • Service offering
  • Working in partnership
  • Human resource management
  • Financial, material and information management
  • Selection of candidates
  • Communication and training activities
  • Risk management 
This certificate ensures that Quebecers dealing with cancer are assured of quality services that are adapted to their needs and are provided by dedicated, competent personnel.
The Quebec Cancer Foundation is greatly honoured to have obtained this endorsement of its quality.

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