The Félix Deslauriers-Hallée Challenge took place in blazing sunshine and the friendliest of atmospheres, Saturday, July 6. The 500 participants indulged in a range of activities, from running, biking, and yoga, to touch-football and soccer.
This year’s edition broke a participation record with 190 cyclists.

The Challenge was enriched with a new 80 km course that included a 40% gravel road that was a big hit with participants!

The event also helped raise $19,000.
"Even though there was no prize, everyone was ready to give their all for the cause, just like Félix did during his entire career!" said Gabriel Royer, a participant in the Challenge and a player in Cégep de Sherbrooke’s Volontaires team.
The Félix Deslauriers-Hallée Challenge is a benefit event to raise funds for the Quebec Cancer Foundation’s Programme à Félix, whose mission is to raise awareness of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and regular physical activity.

All the funds raised through this activity go toward enabling the Foundation to offer services tailored to the specific needs of teens and young adults dealing with cancer.

Benoît Hallée, Félix's father and organizer of the event, confirmed that it will be back in July 2019 for a 9th edition!

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