Around this time of the year last year, we were launching a first campaign based on a sad reality: 1 in 2 Quebecers will have to face cancer during their lives.

Many well-known Quebec personalities and duos, such as Ding & Dong, Dominic & Martin, Louis & Véro, had graciously participated in our campaign to call attention to this statistic.

These celebrity duos helped us raise awareness about this reality that concerns Quebecers, and insist on the importance of our Foundation that helps people with cancer and their loved ones, daily and in concrete ways, through accomodation, information services, physical wellness and psychological support programs, as well as our “Programme à Félix,” which offers practical help for teens and young adults aged 15-39.

The campaign received a great deal of attention. In the face of this reality that each year affects thousands of Quebecers, it is important that the Foundation continues its efforts to raise awareness with a new powerful message.

We therefore turned to the comedy duo Denis Drolet, who accepted to rise to the occasion. In a presumably funny video, the famous duo performs their hit song “Fantastique” until one of them suddenly stops singing to offer an entirely new perspective on this popular song.

The video is at once overwhelming and hopeful. It relies on the improbable contrast between a happy song and the sad reality of the statistic. It demonstrates that cancer concerns us all, directly or indirectly, and that we are here to support those who must face it. 


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