Good news for all cancer patients and their loved ones! 

The Quebec Cancer Foundation is pleased to announce the gradual resumption of its art therapy workshops and kinesiology sessions for people affected by cancer as of June 22, 2020 in its 5 Regional Centres in Montreal, Québec City, Sherbrooke, Gatineau and Trois-Rivières.
In compliance with the measures imposed by the health authorities with respect to COVID-19, the Quebec Cancer Foundation suspended its activities and complementary therapies as of March 13.
The art therapy workshops will be given in person at the Regional Centres in Montreal, Gatineau and Sherbrooke and online workshops open to all will be offered place on Tuesdays and Thursdays via Zoom. No artistic experience is required but you must register to participate.
The benefits of art for anyone dealing with cancer are indisputable: artistic creation allows people to express their emotions freely and affords them a reprieve from their worries. The Foundation's art therapists are professionals with training in art therapy, which incorporates both artistic and psychological principles.
"I come to the workshops to recharge my batteries, for the serenity of the place, to find inner peace. I come to hear the soft voice of Lucie, the art therapist, as she encourages me to be daring without getting hung up about imperfections, always leaving me the freedom to choose my medium and colours depending on my mood that day. While the disease has caused me to lose many of my bearings, Lucie has helped me to feel proud of the most trivial, the most childish of my so-called artistic achievements." - Dorothée, beneficiary of the Quebec Cancer Foundation.
Individual kinesiology sessions will be available province-wide, while outdoor group sessions will be held in certain regions only. Personalized online evaluation sessions are also available.
The new service is available to everyone, by appointment.
There are many benefits of physical exercise: increased energy, reduced side effects of treatments, better stress and anxiety management, etc.
The Foundation's kinesiologists offer personalized programs adapted to the physical condition of each participant.
"The activities worked like an antibiotic against stress. They also made me feel that I was reclaiming possession of my body, which has been under repeated attack in recent months." - Claudette, beneficiary of the Quebec Cancer Foundation.
We continue working towards the resumption of other complementary therapies such as massage therapy and hope to announce good news in the coming weeks.
For all questions concerning complementary therapies or to register, please consult the pages related to art therapy and kinesiology on the Quebec Cancer Foundation website.

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