It was in great secrecy that this 3rd edition of Rendez-vous Gentleman came up with a new concept that is certain to thrill the heart of every man.
Gentlemen, get out your agendas and circle September 27 to sign up for a special mission in the company of the greatest secret agents on the planet!
Nearly 400 spies are expected to attend this extraordinary event that this year will take place at Club de Golf Royal Quebec.
This 100% male event has been conceived exclusively for gentlemen like you: with barbers, custom clothing, techno gadgets, a casino, music ... We’ve thought of everything!
And what is a secret agent without his stable of high-performance cars? That is why the event has secured the assistance of a prestigious partner to speed our agents on their mission: Jaguar and Land Rover Quebec.
Among the highlights offered to participants is a cocktail luncheon sure to set the festive tone of the evening. Yet, each guest will have a separate mission to perform: to have fun on behalf of the Quebec Cancer Foundation.

And for those seeking a change of scenery, no problems, you will be immersed in an oriental ambience that will transport you far, far away!

Tickets are on sale via the event website at:
This year, our spies have made sure that everything is strategically in place: just as every secret agent needs solid backup, the Soirée has solicited the valuable support of media partners such as Le Journal de Québec, TVA and CHOI 98.1, whose mission is to unveil our secret organization all across the region.
All proceeds from Rendez-vous Gentleman will be donated to the Quebec Cancer Foundation to support to the thousands of Quebecers affected by this disease.
Gentlemen, if you are ready to complete your mission, set your GPS coordinates to 46.8982-71.1400241 for an evening filled with intrigue and surprise — all in a good cause!
You can buy your tickets here now.

Schedule for the evening

10:30 a.m. Welcome guests to Golf-Soirée package
11:15 a.m. Set out for golf course
14:30 p.m. Depart from golf course
6 p.m. Arrival of guests at RDV Soirée
6 p.m.-11 p.m. Your mission, enjoy the festivities!
Tickets: $175
Includes the Soirée and entertainment, cocktail reception, parking at the Royal and three free drinks.

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