The Quebec Cancer Foundation and the Fondation Maxime-Letendre are proud to announce that they have formed a partnership aimed at optimizing support for people with cancer and their families.
Their shared mission is to support people with cancer on a daily basis. They are joining forces to enable them offer support to a greater number of Quebecers during their ordeal.
The many benefits of this partnership include:
  • Easier access to a wider range of services that are specially adapted to the needs of those affected by cancer;
  • Optimizing the use of funds earmarked for the development of such services;
  • Improved cohesion between services developed to address a wider spectrum of needs. 
The Quebec Cancer Foundation and the Fondation Maxime-Letendre firmly believe that their programs and services can be best optimized through the sharing of expertise and tools, and through the reciprocal promotion of each other’s activities.
Under the process set up by the two foundations, clients can be referred to the other organization when the latter can respond more effectively to expressed needs, and the two foundations will also organize physical activities for the wellbeing of those affected by cancer.
"This partnership with the Quebec Cancer Foundation is a significant contribution to our mission to bring people with cancer and their loved ones tangible relief from the physical and psychological suffering they endure, by providing them support and comfort. The aim of this precious support is to foster hope," says Fondation Maxime-Letendre’s CEO Michel Letendre.
The agreement also includes a joint fundraising activity in 2019 aimed at supporting the development of both organizations.
Partnerships are one of the key initiatives that the Quebec Cancer Foundation wishes to develop on a constant basis in order to reach more people dealing with the disease.
"Our partnership with the Fondation Maxime-Letendre is a perfect example of our motto: Together, we are stronger against cancer. This partnership demonstrates that this is not just a slogan, not merely words on paper. It is a reality that we apply every day," declares Marco Décelles, Director General of the Quebec Cancer Foundation.
This collaboration agreement broadens the scope of both organizations and gives them a stronger voice in supporting the interests of those affected by cancer.
Together, these two organizations, which both possess strong expertise in the fields of oncology and radiotherapy, plan to become the privileged interlocutors within Quebec’s cancer treatment network in order to provide concrete support to those living with this disease that will affect one out of two Quebecers during their lifetime.

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