In 1979, outraged by the deplorable living conditions of some cancer patients located outside the major centres, five oncologists at Notre-Dame Hospital decided to tackle the problem themselves.

They created the Quebec Cancer Foundation, an independent organization dedicated to improving patients' quality of life. Over the past 40 years, the Foundation has responded to pressing needs by providing access to information, psychological support and specialized accommodation within easy reach of the health centres.
That was the beginning of our story... And since that time, we have assisted over half a million Quebecers.
Half a million people who have benefited from our services in one way or another: a comfortable bed in one of our Regional Centers, a nurse experienced in oncology giving a comforting response via our Info-cancer hotline, a moment of relaxation provided by one of our massage therapists specialized in oncology certified by the Fédération québécoise des massothérapeutes, a liberating brushstroke during an art therapy workshop, an illuminating bibliographical reference... Whatever their reason for coming to the Foundation, we were there to help them through their ordeal.
The dream became reality when those specialist doctors were no longer content to simply treat their patients, but wanted to transform the ways things were done in their field.
The Quebec Cancer Foundation recently received a message of goodwill from Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, congratulating all the Foundation's family members, staff, volunteers and partners. "This establishment will remain a model and a source of inspiration for all." he declared.
In these 40 years, the Quebec Cancer Foundation has come a long way! Let's quickly look back at some of the great moments that have marked our history:


Birth of the Quebec Cancer Foundation, thanks to five doctors who wanted to offer people with cancer more humanistic care before, during and after their treatments. Dr. Yvan Méthot, Dr. Michel Gélinas, Dr. Pierre Audet-Lapointe, Dr. Maurice Falardeau and Dr. Pierre Band found the motivation to overcome the lack of organization in the fight against cancer in Quebec.


Establishment of the Info-cancer hotline and the telephone peer matching program.


Inauguration of the Montreal and Sherbrooke Lodges.


Opening of Quebec City Documentation Center.


The Foundation's first website.


Launch of the art therapy workshop in Montreal.


Expansion of the Sherbrooke Lodge and opening of the Gatineau and Trois-Rivières Lodges.
Launch of massage therapy and kinesiology services.


New mission, vision, values and visual identity. All the Regional Centres now offer massage therapy, art therapy and kinesiology to anyone with cancer.


Singer Bruno Pelletier becomes volunteer spokesperson.


Launch of the first Grand défoulement against cancer.


First marche du Grand défoulement.


On October 22, the Foundation will celebrate the Foundation's family and friends who have shown us their support over the past 40 years with a V.I.P. evening in their honour.
The crusade against cancer is still far from over, but it has given us some Quebec heroes who will inspire new generations to take up the torch.

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