For 2021, the Quebec Cancer Foundation has set itself the goal of raising $6.5 million in support of Quebecers with cancer.

In these uncertain times, the needs of people with cancer are especially great. 72% of patients and those awaiting diagnosis say they feel anxious about the possibility of not receiving adequate care during the pandemic[1].
In response to this harsh reality, the Quebec Cancer Foundation is committed to offering increased accessibility to its various services. In 2021, we want even more to be Closer to people,­ especially considering the current context. The Quebec Cancer Foundation, recognized by the government as an essential service, is redoubling its efforts to set in place an ever more adapted and diversified service offer to as many Quebecers as possible. said Marco Décelles, Director General of the Foundation.

Closer to people, with information at your fingertips 

The Quebec Cancer Foundation has librarians and nurses experienced in oncology who can answer your questions about the disease and about treatments and ways of feeling better via the Info-cancer Hotline. The Foundation has also put online a virtual library that has a multitude of documentary resources on the subject of cancer.
Last August, to ensure you can obtain answers at any time of the day or night, anywhere in Quebec, the Quebec Cancer Foundation launched an online directory of more than 2,200 resources available across the Province[2].

Closer to people, with a growing number of services offered online 

In 2020, the Quebec Cancer Foundation moved closer to its community by adapting its art therapy, kinesiology, yoga and Qi Gong services to a virtual format. This digital shift has been met with an enthusiastic response, with over 1,000 participating in the various online complementary therapy sessions.
In 2021, the Foundation hopes to convert more services to a virtual format, thereby making them accessible to as many Quebecers as possible, in every part of Quebec.

6.5 million, an ambitious yet necessary goal 

If it is to raise $6.5 million in order to assist the 56,800 Quebecers affected by cancer every year, the Foundation needs to rely on the support of its community.Despite the unprecedented context of this pandemic, the Foundation enjoys the support of committed volunteers, donors and partners who show their unflagging support. Marco Décelles declared.
The Foundation also hopes to raise close to $1 million thanks to the Quebec business community and through the Foundation's corporate events, such as Cancerto, a series of charity evenings which, despite its exceptionally virtual formula, broke records in 2020 with around 2,100 participants.
“The Quebec Cancer Foundation is the only organization in Quebec that offers help to every Quebecer dealing with cancer, regardless of their history, region, age, language or type of cancer. This it is vital for its services to endure.
And thanks to the invaluable support of Quebecers, I’m convinced that they will. said Guylaine Tanguay, who was appointed volunteer spokesperson for the Foundation in December 2020.
Since its inception, the Quebec Cancer Foundation has helped more than half a million Quebecers.


[1] Léger. Impact of COVID-19 crisis on cancer patients and their ability to receive treatment - wave 2. 
[2] The Info-cancer Hotline, the Virtual Library and the Resource Directory are available free of charge.

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