​As part of its 40th annual campaign, the Quebec Cancer Foundation is looking for 88 new monthly donors by April 30 for its new monthly Backup Force donation program.

The Foundation is active all across Quebec to help anyone facing cancer, regardless of age, place of origin, status or history.

The statistics are truly alarming. It is expected that 53,000 people will see their daily lives disrupted by a cancer diagnosis again this year in Quebec, while one in two Quebecers will face cancer during their lifetime.

With 40 years of experience serving those affected by the disease, the Foundation is best placed to respond to this growing demand. But to do so, it needs backup.

This is why, today, the Quebec Cancer Foundation is launching this appeal to Quebecers.
The program currently rests on the able shoulders of 2,695 monthly donors: the Foundation’s backup force. Discreet but ever-present. Generous but humble. A quiet force to be reckoned with in times of weakness, setbacks or uncertainty while facing cancer. A group of donors who, thanks to their regular contributions, make it possible to bolster the actions and services of the Foundation across the province.

In fact, a monthly donation not only saves on the administrative costs involved in soliciting funds, but also allows the Foundation to invest more on the ground and expand its services to reach even more Quebecers facing cancer, wherever they are and whenever they need it.

"When you donate to a cause, you don’t always have the opportunity to see exactly how your donations are used. Well, a few years ago, I had that chance. I was not donating to the Foundation at the time. I was accompanying my brother who was going through cancer treatment, and I can tell you that the accommodation center in Trois-Rivières was a true refuge for us. I simply do not know what we would have done without it. We did not live close to a treatment center, and couldn’t imagine running from one motel to another at a such a trying time, both physically and emotionally.
So today, I'm convinced. I know from personal experience what a great help the Quebec Cancer Foundation is for those dealing with cancer. In every part of Quebec. My monthly donations give me the feeling that I’m providing much-needed backup."
Testimony of Camille Lafond, monthly donor since 2007 and former beneficiary of the Foundation.

Would you like to join our Backup Force and support thousands of Quebecers affected by cancer? Here’s where to go to join the movement!

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