It’s already been five years since I became a spokesperson for the Quebec Cancer Foundation. These have been three very demanding years, in which I was daily confronted with the reality that one in two Quebecers will be affected by cancer in their lifetime. But they have been years filled with pride, inspired by the constant awareness of the crucial role the Foundation plays in the lives of thousands of Quebecers.

Every day, the Quebec Cancer Foundation takes care not only of those stricken with cancer, but also of their loved ones, by offering them services tailored to specific needs.

This is all the incentive I require to continue my involvement with the Foundation: ensuring that these people are better able to live with cancer. We have over 30,000 people alongside us to provide these thousands of Quebecers with the support they so badly need. Thank you so very much for your generosity and happy National Philanthropy Day!

Bruno Pelletier, Spokesperson for the Quebec Cancer Foundation

See concretely how our donors empower those affected to be stronger against cancer.

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